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  • Doctor Scott Davarn M.D.

  • John D'Agostino, Retired Deputy  Coroner of Kitsap County

  • Dave Johnson

  • Doctor Helen Butler

  • Northridge 4X4 

  • Deb Albee of Poulsbo Farmers Insurance

  • Jerry and Dorita Wallis

  • Doctor Shawn Joseph, Integrated Chiropractic, Silverdale WA

  • IAFF 2819 Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue, Poulsbo Fire Department, North Kitsap Fire and Rescue

  • IAFF 437 Bremerton Fire Department

  • Cary Bozeman, Port of Bremerton Commissioner, and past Mayor of Bremerton

  • IAFF F282 Federal Firefighters of Navy Region Northwest

  • Charles Smith, State President of the American Postal Workers Union

  • Gray Dawson M.D. and Family

  • Catie's Creations of Silverdale

  • Mr. Nick Sweeney, Head of Gateway Christian Schools

  • Doctor David Bixler M.D.

  • The McArdle Family

  • The Eaton Family

  • The Isles Gurney Family

  • The Koprowski Family

  • The Wiggen Family

  • The Hanson Family

  • The Tollefson Family

  • The Ronnie and Stephanie Smith Family

  • The Kirby Family

  • The Wainright Family

  • Carol Ulappa

  • Melissa Pretiger

  • Ryan Orseth

  • Alan Botzheim, Sheriff Pend Oreille County WA

  • Dr. Bill Morris, Director of West Sound Emergency Physicians

  • Ralph Rogers

  • Larry Stokes, Port of Bremerton Commissioner

  • Jim Rothlin, Port of Bremerton CEO

  • Beth Hill

  • The McCracken Family

  • Bob and Ginger Waye

  • The Ulrigg Family





The job of Kitsap County Coroner is one that demands character, compassion, and a dedication to quality and detail, which is why we wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Wallis for this challenging yet essential position. His experience as an emergency responder and Deputy Coroner have given him ample experience to see not only how the job of Coroner is done, but how to improve it as well. His strong community relationships will help achieve his goal of connecting people and resources during the difficult and sensitive time following a death. We have worked with and observed Jeff in his dealings with diverse groups of people and are impressed with his positive & encouraging leadership, effective communication, strength of character, commitment to doing a job well, and genuine care for everyone he interacts with. Join us in choosing the best for Kitsap County and vote for Jeff Wallis as Coroner!

Gray Dawson, M.D. & Julie Dawson


One thing we know for certain is that integrity and honesty will always be important in positions of authority, especially when it comes to government offices. Waste and fraud seem to be a regular part of how our political figures operate. Therefore it is refreshing to see Mr. Jeff Wallis run for the position of County Coroner. I know him and have learned he is completely trustworthy. His actions clearly demonstrate that he is a man of honor and truth. He is a person who understands the importance of servant leadership, a quality we desperately need in our government. I highly recommend Mr. Wallis for County Coroner. He will be wonderful.

Mr. Nick Sweeney, Head of Schools for Gateway Christian Schools


When it comes to public service and giving of oneself, I can’t think of anyone who has done more than Jeff. 

His experience, industrious work ethic, compassion and fresh perspective are keys to his success.

​Alan Botzheim, Sheriff, Pend Oreille County Washington


Not many have a heart of gold like Mr. Wallis!  Please cast your vote for him and let him serve your family and our county!!  God  bless you Mr. Wallis and thank you for everything you do!!

Melissa Pretiger,  Bremerton


I write in support of Jeff Wallis in his electoral bid for the office of Kitsap County Coroner. We in Kitsap County have enjoyed good service from the office of the Coroner over some years. Times have changed, for better or worse, into the digital age and so must the office of the Coroner.

I believe that Jeff Wallis has those skills to to advance our county into the digital needs of accurate diagnoses at death to ensure robust, statistical epidemiological evidence for ongoing medical research.

With his degrees in Public Safety Administration and Leadership as well as his considerable experience and training in medical matters and indeed the Coroner's office itself, he is well suited to close consultation with local physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.


David L Bixler MD FCCP FACP


I work with him and let me say that he honestly treats others like they were his own flesh and blood. Very rare in this day and age. Could not think of someone better for this position. You have my vote 100%!!!

Ryan Orseth, Bremerton




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